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Just Persevere

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I love to watch golf. It’s more than my love and passion for the game. It’s the individual stories behind everyone who plays. Every professional, amateur and weekend warrior has a story to tell.

We all have our reasons why we spend countless hours pursuing a game that challenges us to the core of our being. In the end, I have realized, it’s not even about golf. 

Perseverance, Tenacity and Grit

It’s about believing in myself, never willing to give up on my greatness. It’s about perseverance, t…

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Golf as a Microcosm of Life

Jack Nicklaus Quote

My passion for golf started later in life. I played some as a kid, but my main passion was football growing up earning a college scholarship at the University of North Dakota. 

My football career came to an abrupt halt when I had a life-changing and career ending injury tearing three out of the four knee ligaments in my right knee. 

Once my knee healed I started to pick up the clubs again. At first, not very seriously and then it became an obsession. Probably, even a little unhealthy. I have n…

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