My name is Troy Ismir. I am a Level 2 TPI Certified Golf Fitness Professional and Holden Certified Qigong Teacher with thirty years of experience in the health, fitness, nutrition and sports performance industry. 

What I see is a trend in golf conditioning to lift heavy weights in order to maximize power and speed in the golf swing, which I believe is a mistake. It may pay off in the short term, but in the long run, it causes the body to break down with the extra stress it puts on the spine, joints, tendons and ligaments.

Injuries Are Prevalent In Golf

Injuries are far more prevalent in golf than we are led to believe. Statistics show that approximately 70% of golfers play hurt and that nearly 7 in 10 amateurs and 9 in 10 professionals will suffer a golf-related injury at least once in a lifetime.  

As an avid golfer myself, I understand the passionate desire to play our best golf and that blissful feeling we experience when we hit that perfect shot.  

The possibility that I am offering is that we can remove physical and emotional pain and cultivate happiness on and off the golf course using golf as the platform to attain Self-mastery while lowering our scores.

I specialize in helping golfers realize our true power by integrating the best of Western modern science and Eastern ancient energetic practices.  

In my own personal practice I work on mastering my mind, heart and body through a daily practice that helps me to achieve mastery in golf and ultimately in life.

  1. A physical training practice to maximize our dynamic body power playing with confident athletic energy without pain and injury free. 
  2.  An energetic practice that cultivates grounded heart power allowing us to play with a calm heart, centered and balanced in the flow state.
  3. A stillness practice to develop present mind power allowing us to play fully aware in the present moment. 

Train Golfers As Elastic Athletes

The reality is the golf swing can only be as efficient as what a golfer can physically do. Through my personal experience working with golf athletes I see these injuries occur because golfers are training for power and speed before they have the foundation of mobility, stability and strength which puts undue torque on the spine and the entire body. 

My philosophy is to train golfers as elastic athletes. Through extensive research and my own personal experience I have discovered that golfers can best realize their dynamic body power in golf this way.

  1. Train as an elastic athlete by utilizing bands, tubing and bodyweight.
  2. Maximize glute and abdominal strength to protect the spine and  efficiency in the swing.
  3. Develop mobility, stability, strength, power and speed in the proper sequence.  

But good biomechanics and an efficient body are only part of the equation for gaining an optimal edge. A critical piece of playing golf at the highest level is getting the mind, heart, body and swing in sync by getting into the flow state.

The Importance of Training the Mind

The competitive edge goes to the golfer who has the mental power playing with a spirit of fearlessness with deep concentration focusing on the shot at hand in the present moment.  Qi Gong is a practice that will help us do just  that. 

Qi Gong is a form of inner martial arts developed by the Chinese more than 4,000 years ago that aligns breath, movement and awareness.  

Qi means energy and Gong is the skill of working with energy. It’s simply a practice that will help the golfer get into the flow state more often and more consistently.

This practice will help us realize our true power in the following ways.  

  1. Develop confidence and calmness.
  2. Develop conscious control of the mind, heartbeat and breath.
  3. Develop deep concentration.

By training our mind to concentrate deeply over an extended period of time we will be less likely to fall prey to poor shots.

One momentary lapse of concentration during an eighteen hole round can keep us from shooting our best score, winning a golf tournament or simply enjoying the game more. 

Our attention span is getting shorter and shorter. Statistics bear this out with the average attention span dropping from 12 seconds down to 8.25 seconds over the past fifteen years. 

If we typically shoot a score of around 80 allowing for about 20 seconds per shot including the pre-shot routine that means that we will need to be in deep concentration for about thirty minutes in a typical round. 

Concentration Training for the Competitive Edge

That’s why I include concentration training with my golf athletes. It doesn’t matter how efficient our golf swing is if it isn’t synced up with our mind and heart in deep concentration. Deep concentration training is the competitive edge that will allow us to play our golf and live our life at the highest level. 

My credentials speak for themselves:

  • Level 2 TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor 
  • Holden Qi Gong Certified Teacher
  • ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist 
  • Level 2 Precision Nutrition Coach
  • Master’s Degree in Exercise and Sports Science

I have worked with aspiring young golfers such as Eugene Hong who was a former Florida Gator and three-time AJGA and Rolex Junior All-American, Peter Grossenbacher who recently earned First Team All-Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference honors at Colorado Mesa University and Felipe Quiroga former player at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. 

I bring a wealth of wisdom, most importantly, I deeply care for my students, inspiring them to reach their Highest Self on and off the golf course.

Revolutionize Golf Fitness

My vision is to revolutionize golf fitness by maximizing the golf athletes true power while attaining Self-mastery through hard work, commitment and practice on and off the golf course. 

Golf is one of the best platforms to get to know yourself. Through hard work and consistent practice true power can be achieved in every area of your life.